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We help clients de-risk, develop and protect capital intensive, high yield and complex electrical DG, generation, storage and transmission infrastructure.


Regulators and in-house business teams that regulate and build energy solutions aren't comprised of just lawyers.  Why should your advisory team be any different? When we mean multidisciplinary, we don't just mean lawyers of varying seniority. We're a team of professionals helping you build energy solutions. We go beyond traditional legal services to provide smart, practical, and commercially viable solutions to make things happen and bring projects to life.

Our diverse expertise in legal, regulatory, commercial, economic, and engineering fields allows us to assist you in various areas, including local, state, regional, federal and international matters.  We also help in transactional matters like agreements and compliance, finance, community relations, interconnection, permitting and more. With former utility industry executives, energy developers, and regulatory officials among our team members, we adeptly navigate the complex swamp of regulations to deliver the results you seek. 

Legal & Regulatory Services

Energy Transition & Regulatory Models

Governance, Compliance & Enforcement

Renewable sector regulatory, including Interconnection

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