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We help clients de-risk, develop and protect capital-intensive, complex, utility-scale generation, storage and transmission infrastructure in the Western USA.


Regime Energy Partners is built on the belief that the best teams for developing complex generation, storage, and transmission assets use multidisciplinary teams of energy lawyers, engineers, permitting experts, and other subject matter experts with local intelligence that help de-risk, save money, and move nimbly. 

Focusing mostly in the Western USA (WECC), Regime provides legal, regulatory, permitting and engineering services to developers of traditional and renewable energy generation, storage and transmission projects in the West.

Our diverse expertise lies in creating innovative development strategies, navigating complex energy, permitting and regulatory challenges, and assembling multi-disciplinary teams of subject matter experts to de-risk projects and drive their completion in the dynamic energy sector of the West.

Some of our services include:

Advise  on  Project Development Strategies;
Project Development

Legal, Regulatory and Permitting before State, Federal, and International Agencies

Navigating Regional Entity (WECC), NERC, and FERC

ISO/RTO, Utility Rules;
Interconnection Navigation, Interconnection Disputes

Contact Us

Mon - Thu

8:00 am – 5:00 pm MST

Salt Lake City, Utah 

1-361-2 REGIME (273-4463)

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