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Ruben Arredondo

Ruben is a solutions-oriented and business-sensitive energy professional who transitioned from a pivotal role regulating utility scale renewable and electrical infrastructure in western North America as in-house counsel at NERC (WECC), to a strategic advisor for a broad spectrum of clients within the energy sector, including utility-scale renewable energy developers, microgrid and virtual power plant innovators, as well as state and international regulatory bodies. With a keen eye for business development and a knack for navigating complex regulatory environments, he excels in fostering collaborative efforts among diverse project teams to enhance project viability and profitability. His unique blend of legal expertise and commercial insight, coupled with a history of managing top-tier legal firms and navigating high-stakes litigation, equips him with the agility to drive capital-intensive energy projects from conception to commercial operation. Ruben’s hands-on experience across all phases of project development, including financial investment decision (FID) pre-NTP, post-NTP, and COD stages, positions him as an asset to energy and storage developers seeking practical, efficient, and impactful solutions to advance their high-yield projects.


Jamie Saunders provides leadership and project support to Regime as part of our advisory services partnerships to bring the best team to our clients. Her day-to-day practice focuses on helping clients identify, prioritize and address their regulatory risks in adapting to a shifting and sometimes unpredictable regulatory environment.

Jamie has over a decade of experience in federal and state energy regulatory policy, cost recovery, and ratemaking. Her focus is to help clients navigate the ever-changing energy regulatory landscape and develop risk-based solutions specific to their business challenges.

This includes cybersecurity cost analysis and recovery, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) accounting and reporting, ratecase preparation and strategy, clean energy program development, and regulatory research and analysis.

Prior to her work at CNK Solutions, Jamie served over 9 years at FERC in both the Office of Enforcement as an auditor and theOffice of Administrative Litigation as part of trial staff. She joined Deloitte in 2015 where she spent 4 years in its Energy & Resourcespractice leading and participating on FERC and corporate governance and compliance, GAAP accounting and reporting, and internal controls assessment projects. Jamie later served in a dual role managing transmission rates and FERC regulatory compliance at LS Power.

Jamie is a CPA and an active member of a steering committee for environmental justice in her local neighborhood in the District of Columbia.

Jamie Saunders

Shari Gribbin

Shari Gribbin provides leadership and project support to Regime as part of our advisory services partnership with CNK Solutions to bring the best team to our clients. Her day-to-day practice focuses on helping clients address their cyber and supply chain security risks as they increasingly intersect with operations, business, regulatory and policy interests within and across all industry sectors.
Shari Gribbin brings more than 22 years of critical infrastructure experience as a lawyer and business leader in regulatory, operations, risk, IT, and security. Within the power and utility business she has extensive cross-functional operational expertise having worked many years across generation, transmission, and distribution as well as wholesale power marketing and retail energy organizations. Shari’s practice focuses on executive strategy, regulatory advisory; governance and compliance; and process and controls maturity for cyber and supply chain security.
Prior to assuming the leadership role for CNK Solutions and work with Regime, Shari spent five years at Deloitte & Touche, LLP in the Advisory division leading solutions for clients in both Cyber Risk and Regulatory-Compliance Services. Shari joined Deloitte after 15 years at Exelon Corporation working across every division. She served for many years in a dual role as both an enterprise business management lead for governance and compliance and lead counsel for FERC and NERC (ops and cyber) regulatory/enforcement/compliance program matters as well as cyber and physical security counsel across all business units.
Shari served as an industry representative for several years on various regulator and interagency compliance and cyber security standards coordination initiatives, including a cross-agency industry collaborative initiated responsive to President Obama’s 2013 Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Executive Order.
With an expertise in energy industry operations, regulation and technical depth across all operational and security activities she is uniquely positioned to support the development of strategic solutions for our clients.

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